Mr. Hartke is a government relations consultant working exclusively with Morrill & Associates.

In his distinguished governmental career, he has held the positions of:

  • Director, Illinois Department of Agriculture (2003–2008);
  • Illinois State Representative, 108th District (1985–2003); and
  • Assistant Majority Leader (1997–2003).

During his tenure overseeing the Department of Agriculture, Mr. Hartke supported the expansion of livestock in the State of Illinois, and worked to expand the biofuels industry, including ethanol, biodiesel, and biomass by strengthening relations with foreign trading partners. He served as president of the Midwest Association of State Departments of Agriculture, and was also a board member of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture.

From 2003–2008, he served as chairman of the following boards and commissions: Advisory Board of Livestock Commissioners; Agricultural Export Advisory Committee; Biotechnology Advisory Council; Board of Agricultural Advisors; Board of State Fair Advisors; County Fair Advisory Board; DuQuoin State Fair Advisory Board; Export Promotion Coordinating Council; Fertilizer Research and Education Council; Illinois Grain Insurance Corporation; Illinois Horse Racing and Breeding Industry Promotion Board; Illinois Standardbred Breeders Fund Advisory Board; Illinois Thoroughbred Breeders Fund Advisory Board; Interagency Committee on Farmland Preservation; Interagency Committee on Pesticides; the Seed Arbitration Act-Review Committee and Seed Arbitration Council.

From 1985–2003, Mr. Hartke was the State Representative for Illinois 108th District. For the final six years of his service in the General Assembly, he was the Assistant Majority Leader of the House, and an ex officio member of all House committees. At various points during his tenure he served on the following committees, serving as Chair for several of them: Counties and Townships; Economic Development; Elementary and Secondary Education; Energy and Environment; Local Government; Special Committee on Prisoner Reform; and Transportation.

Mr. Hartke has a long record of service in Effingham County and in agricultural organizations all across the state. From 1966–1968, he served his country in the United States Army, including a tour in Vietnam. Mr. Hartke lives on his farm in Teutopolis, Illinois.