In a letter to employees, the state says some of its employee health insurance policies are costly to the point they will soon trigger the “Cadillac plan” penalties under federal law and threaten big cost increases.

Nevertheless, the letter says, the state is doing what it can to hold down cost and minimize the impact on its workers.

The state’s biggest public-sector employee union argues the administration of Gov. Bruce Rauner, while purporting to correct “misinformation” in the memo to employees, is playing some games of its own.

Because some of the state employee healthcare plans are considered “Platinum Plus” or “Cadillac” plans under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, they likely will be subject to federal penalties in future years, Pam Kogler, deputy director of benefits for the state’s Department of Central management services, wrote to state employees.

“Premiums for these expensive Platinum Plus, Cadillac plans are likely to double after July 1, 2016,” Kogler wrote in her letter of Dec. 11.

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