The professionals at Morrill & Fiedler, LLC. have substantive expertise in such fields as utility regulation, insurance, health care, land use and zoning, property taxation, pension system administration, transportation, municipal matters, professional regulation, government procurement, state agency rulemaking and administrative matters.

Our professionals have represented scores of diverse clients before the Illinois General Assembly, Office of the Governor, and Illinois executive branch agencies.

We have offices in both Chicago and Springfield, Illinois, with our Springfield office just blocks from the state capitol. In Chicago, we are housed within a 650-attorney law firm with offices in Chicago and Washington, D.C, among other cities, affording us with substantial resources and ready access to attorneys who concentrate in virtually every legal discipline.

Our years of work in government affairs have helped us build relationships all across the state, especially in northern Illinois. Our work with local governmental bodies has given us expertise in the decision-making process at this level. We have worked with developers, service providers and other clients at the municipal, township, county and other governmental levels, and we have represented many local governments at these levels. We have represented our clients on zoning and land use matters, on contracting and with decision-making in all aspects of local governance.