Mrs. Browning serves as Office Manager and Government Relations Assistant for Morrill & Fiedler. Among other duties, she oversees the lobbyist registration and disclosure program for the firm and its clients, participates in legislative monitoring and client reporting programs of the firm, and assists with lobbying the members of the General Assembly.

Before joining Morrill & Fiedler, Browniing served as a Deputy Marshal for the Illinois Supreme Court, where she regularly interacted with judicial officials and staff as well as local, state and federal law enforcement officials. Before her tenure at the Court, she served in the Supreme Court Clerk’s office, managing intra-court communication and coordinating various ceremonies and procedures.

Browning has also worked as a Committee Clerk and Transcript Editor at the Clerk’s Office for the Illinois House of Representatives.

Mrs. Browning has a strong knowledge of the legislative process and enjoys good relationships with many members of the Illinois General Assembly and legislative staff. She earned a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology with honors from the University of Illinois Springfield, where she completed the Capitol Scholars Honor Program.

Mrs. Browning resides in Lincoln, Illinois.